Going home- a poem.

This is my way of breaking it you that I can’t go home this summer. I’m sorry.

Going home.
“Can we get home this summer?” asked the expats of the world,
The flights have stopped,
The borders shut,
We don’t like what we have heard.
We know we chose to do this
To live very far away,
But right now things seem further still,
Since COVID came to stay.
The world seemed small before all this,
With flights home at your fingers,
“You are a risk you must stay put”
The government dismissed us.
“Just wait and see,” but on it goes,
“We must protect our nation,
if you leave here you cannot come back,
even though it’s no vacation.”
We’ll quarantine on arrival we just want to see our mum,
It’s too long away from home for us,
We’re fed up with this,
We’re done.
There’s no going home this summer for the expats of the world
We’ve probably cried about it and made our voices heard.
We cannot travel either and this really makes us glum,
There are also those amongst us who are wondering why we’ve come.
Sometimes it’s great to have two homes and live between two places,
We’re already used to video calls when we want to see your faces.
But trust me when I say this we all miss you more than ever,
It’s only been 4 months so far and already seems like forever.
Please don’t forget about us and we wish we could be there,
Please know we love you the most of all and that we’ll always care.
We miss our family and our pets, especially old friends,
We cant wait to be reunited once this situation ends.


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