We once knew a world- a poem.

Day 48 or maybe 49, not sure.

We once knew a world where all things were ours,
We bustled like ants amongst concrete towers.
We cared about things, of course we did
But change our routine? Heaven forbid!

We once knew a world where cars ruled the street,
We became pretty lazy, stopped using our feet.
‘It’s easier to drive’ is what we’d all say,
‘I haven’t got time for this, not today’.

Life was the touch of a button for us,
No need to think or even discuss.
Finding the answers to all online,
‘I know it all, all knowledge is mine’.

That’s not to say that life wasn’t good,
We loved our freedom, we understood.
The world needed saving, the animals too,
We cut down on plastic, I’m sure that’ll do.

We once knew a world where freedom was granted,
Then news of a virus soon was implanted.
It filled up the news all day and all night,
But it was in China, it was out of our sight.

Some people said ‘this is all a conspiracy!’
‘They’ve created this virus to cause us all misery’
Countries began to shut themselves down,
Confined people to homes, shut down the town.

‘It’s the biggest challenge since the war’,
The government said from behind their door.
The hospital staff worked harder than ever,
It seemed to be an impossible endeavour.

At first it was two weeks, then two weeks more,
We dream of the day when we’ll leave our front door,
But what will we do and where will we go?
Did we like our lives, do we even know?

What is important and what is not?
The things we wanted we soon forgot.
How many clothes does a person need?
Just let me out, I want to be freed.

All I want is to see those I love,
Walk in the park, look at blue sky above.
I promise I won’t disgrace the Earth,
I appreciate it now for all that it’s worth.

One day this virus will be under control,
We’ll get to go out and go for a stroll.
But please take the time to always be kind,
Learn from all this and keep it in mind.

Remember the people who were not okay,
The families broken, filled with dismay,
I myself am familiar with grief,
It really hurts and it isn’t brief.

So when you have freedom to make a choice,
Please think about how to use your voice.
We are better together, we’ve all been affected,
But now let’s hope we are better connected.

3 thoughts on “We once knew a world- a poem.

  1. Dad and I are really proud of you Lauren. It is a beautiful poem. I have added a few comments from people I have forwarded it to, as it needs to be read (and published!!!).
    “Beautiful” is a common word used to describe the poem. “Oh my goodness, that hits the nail on the head. Very well written.” “Fantastic, thought provoking”.


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