2020- the ultimate test

The morale in our world is incredibly bad,

Who’s disappointed, frustrated and mad?
There’s more things than normal to worry about,
There’s a lot of anxiety, a lot of doubt.

On one side we’re hopeful but time moves fast,
Nothing is changing, how long can this last?
We had all these plans and things to achieve,
Can we still do this? It’s hard to believe.

Some of us grieve for what we dreamt,
For what we wished for, ambitions we meant.
Others are happy to stay at home,
To isolate and leave others alone.

There are those who are scared about becoming ill,
This virus is deadly, it’s out to kill.
Then come those who think this is crazy,
Do you think this has gone too far, maybe?

It’s all a lot to think about,
Process and understand without a doubt,
Whilst working, supporting family and being a friend,
It is enough to send you round the bend.

Late at night whilst not sleeping a wink,
Something I read made me think.
“Collective trauma is what we feel”,
Do you know what, that sounds pretty real.

I’ve never known as many people to struggle like this,
A beacon of hope wouldn’t go amiss.
Nothing lasts forever, so they say,
But when will this actually go away?

So if, like me, you find this hard,
You’re not alone in that regard.
I’ve no idea what to do either,
I wish the future was somewhat clearer.

But there still must be some joy around,
It’s hiding somewhere waiting to be found.
Stay strong, keep smiling and do your best,
2020, the ultimate test.

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