One month in Penang  (in 3 days)

Hey Hannah, this is for you! Miss you friend.

It’s been a very busy month in Penang and I’ve had no time to write a blog post. Thanks to the Malaysian achievements in the SE Asia games we now have an extra public holiday on Monday making this 4 day long weekend into a 5 day one!! Therefore no excuses but to write about life. 

The past month has been a whirlwind of car issues, sorting out my apartment, working, making friends, exploring and eating and I’m happy to say I’ve achieved all those things! My apartment is now wonderful. 

I got an aquarium, naturally, and those little guys are cool. I’ve had one tragedy where I got up one morning and seven were dead but I’ve grieved, moved on and replaced them and so far so good. The only issue with the aquarium is that it makes a really loud, sometimes relaxing sometimes annoying, water dripping sound. Complaints have been made when trying to listen to fundamental conversations in Game of Thrones. 

My other favourite thing about my apartment is the view. When I came to view these apartments everyone was advertising the sea view but actually I like the jungle. I can see so much green and I can also see the shanty town next to the apartments. I find the shanty town fascinating and I love to watch the daily goings on.

Also I can see Alila so I can wave at Jess with a torch at night (granted we did this once and the novelty wore off but still).

Our pool is pretty fab but never ever bring friends to it because you’ll get accused of congregating and have random women taking photos of you. This happened one Sunday when we had a few people over and now I think I’m in some kind of feud with one of the security guys because he won’t salute me anymore.

Okay so cars. What have we learnt about cars in Malaysia Alice? Cars in Malaysia break down and just stop working all the time. Cars in Malaysia are old school. Cars in Malaysia will cost you money. Get jump leads. 

Ok just as an aside one thing I’m really struggling to get my head around is opening crisp packets here. You just cannot open them how we would in the UK you have to tear down the side. This is not okay. 

So my car broke down two days after I got it and then I forgot to turn my lights off so it broke down again. Then Alice’s car went to the mechanic for 2 days not an afternoon and then she broke down in Tesco car park because she left her lights on. It’s all fun and games. Everyone has a car tale.

Other things I’ve been doing…lying down, beaching and eating. And hiking! 

We spotted sea otters one evening as the sun was setting. You couldn’t make up a better “We’re in paradise” moment.

There’s lots and lots of beautiful spots to explore and when the sun is out life couldn’t be better. When it is cloudy we are all miserable and sit around sweating and being grouchy. I eat out every day pretty much  (heaven) but because I have a pool and love trekking about in the jungle I have so far managed not to get fat. It’s tough.

I’ve developed a severe dislike for monkeys that I never knew I had. Sure they look cute but my God they are wily little beasts. They make me anxious and they follow me around in the jungle and stare me out.

These ones were cute but I’m not a fan.

I’ve been using couch surfing to find interesting people to hang with and also to let people crash with me on their travels. I really rate couch surfing because I’ve met some great people through it (Hey Kamran NYE in Malaysia yesss?) and now I have all the space to offer 

I guess some  people probably want to know about work. Yes I do go to work 5 days a week sometimes and I ENJOY IT. Hurrayyyyyy. Yep I like teaching again and I’m chilled and my class are wonderfully weird and not high maintenance. 

I’m feeling very lucky, tanned, and settled. I have some wonderful friends who look out for me and bring me biscuits when I need them. Alice and Andrea (Mira babes) provide me with constant company, snacks, nail varnish etc etc. I have a great girl group. I have Tom (different Tom just to confuse) to laugh with and talk to about plants and pokemon. Ashley and Jen are the year 3 B team. If you need anything there will be a team of people willing to help you.

 I get on average 5 couch surfing requests a day because Penang is such a great place and everyone wants to stay with me. Next visitor: James  (fingers crossed).

Today Alice and I are flying to Langkawi for 2 days to explore and hopefully have a sunny time. I will make an effort to write a blog about that and write more frequently about Penang life. Family, friends, I miss you and I do have down moments. Ness I missed your baby shower and I’m sad. Belle won’t speak to me on Skype at the moment. BUT life is definitely a beach and lots and lots of wonderful moments have happened already 🙂 

Imogen book your flight. Over and out.

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