Dubrovnik, Croatia 

Seeing as Chris was flying out of Dubrovnik it seemed rude not to check the place out. It’s become a favourite holiday destination over the past few years, Game of Thrones is filmed there, it’s sunny, it’s coastal etc. We took the bus from Mostar at 7am (yawn) and found ourselves eating yet another large pack of chocolate filled croissants on a bus. We went through the border and back again about 4 times due to the bizarre borders which took an absolute age but I smiled and looked innocent when the stern police people came on to search the bus. 

We arrived at 11 and it was boiling with no clouds to be seen. We were meeting Francisco at the bus station (those of you who pay attention/ speak to me regularly will know I met Francs in Montenegro) but he was not there. This is what happens when you bring a newbie into the group. I huffed about, drank some more peach juice (addicted) and half an hour later he arrived. Yay! Delayed at the Croatian border. You forget how useful whats app is when you don’t have wifi most of the day. 

We were staying at an air bnb that I found because everywhere else in Dubrovnik is so expensive. I felt the pressure of being the one who made a decision about something but thankfully it was all good. We had a great view over the old town and a bigger space to move about it than we had experienced for weeks. Phewwww. The guy who owned the air bnb was a quirky old guy with a bowl cut and an interesting fashion sense. He insisted on showing me how to turn the TV on, how to change the volume etc whilst Chris and Francs laughed behind my back.

This post is pretty boring from here on out because we actually did nothing in Dubrovnik other than lie down. Francisco complained about the tourists and said he missed Tivat, Chris complained about than the heat and I complained about how expensive everything was. Honestly you can’t go anywhere after Bosnia without feeling like you’re being robbed. To be fair to Francs he’s been living in a hostel in a town where there’s about ten people for 6 weeks and Dubrovnik is horribly touristy. I think I’ve been spoilt because other than Florence I’ve not been anywhere where there’s many tourists for the past few months. When you don’t see many people you start to feel like you’re discovering the places you visit. We definitely didn’t discover Dubrovnik. Also there’s so many English people and as Francs kindly put it “You lose your appreciation of a nationality when they’re everywhere.” Thanks for that. 

We spent all our time lying on the beach, I went swimming, Francisco complained about being cold (being Portuguese he doesn’t know the true meaning of this) and Chris worried about sun stroke. I read parts of my sexually explicit book out for jokes and we had a relaxing afternoon. After all the intense travelling and war stuff it was much needed.

 In the evening we drank wine and walked around the old town. It is really beautiful there’s just too many people and too many boat trips going on. I didn’t even think about Game of Thrones but there’s tours you can do about that too, and you can sit on the iron throne for free which I kind of regret not having the motivation to do. We watched a Brazilian band playing in one of the squares and Francisco tried to talk to me about the difference between Brazilian and Portuguese people, something I’ve never thought about in my life before. He was happy because they were singing in Portuguese and I was happy because the American people next to us were trying and failing to chat up a group of girls and this was entertaining. 

The sunset didn’t disappoint: 

There’s a lot of steps in Dubrovnik so it was a good work out. All the stairs look the same as we discovered when we got lost literally on the road of the air bnb but didn’t understand where we were. Today (Sunday) you’ll never guess what we did…you got it we lay down on the beach! I did some people watching and ear wiggling (favourite pass time) and it was glorious sunshine. 

All in all,  Dubrovnik is great if you have money and you care somewhat about your appearance. It is beautiful and has stunning views, the sea is clear and it’s very accessible for tourists. There’s loads of places you can visit from Dubrovnik and some of the apartments you can rent on the hills are amazing. We had a great weekend of doing nothing but it definitely didn’t appeal to us like the other places we have been. 

I am currently travelling back to Bosnia for one night along the mountain roads. I feel strangely peaceful in Bosnia now. Basically I’m in love with Montenegro and Bosnia. I met a guy on the bus who works in the international school in Mostar and has lived there for two years. There’s also an international school in Tivat. One for the future maybe…

I wasn’t really taking any photos in Dubrovnik cos I was too busy sun worshipping so this photo of me being grumpy (just for you Robbie) is all I can offer.

Next stop: Budapest!

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