Home Sweet Home

Well I’ve had a lovely week being a lady of leisure and I feel like having no job is a pretty great thing. I’ve been hanging out with my family and having a wonderful time during a very sunny week in the UK! Here’s my beautiful niece who as usual is the highlight of my life:

On Friday I visited my old school for the afternoon. I went in to see my two old classes who I love and miss very much, as I do the school in general.

My class from last year haven’t changed at all in personality but are now huge and have all lost their baby teeth. It’s strange because as soon as I saw them all I remembered every detail about them and their lives. I think it’s a teacher trait to have a catalogue in your brain of all the children you’ve ever taught and you never forget anything they ever shared with you about their lives. 

Here are some of the things they were dying to tell me:

-” My cat had babies” (honestly this cat has babies literally every week it’s concerning)

-“We sold my dog and then we got another dog and then it went to live at Ruby’s house.” Again, this is a regular thing for this class people seem to get pets and sell their pets and get new pets all the time.

-“I had a Chinese for my tea.” Good for you.

-“I got really into Star Wars and I’ve made  a light saber out of lego, but I still like dinosaurs.” Good to know.

-“I’ve been growing my hair all the time you’ve been gone but now you’re back I’m going to cut it off.” This sounded quite weird and obsessive.

-“I’ve cried over you four times since you left but then my mum got me a new hair bow to cheer me up.”

I received presents of a picture of a dinosaur, a folded up piece of paper that I thought there was more to but there really wasn’t, a piece of a4 paper with glitter stuck all over it, a “rainbow” which was just feathers stuck on paper, and a plastic cup filled with tissue paper with a sticky label that said “Miss Bailey” on it. These children have not lost their talent in the 10 months since I last saw them. 

I got  a lot of “You’ve really grown up Miss Bailey”, “Are you a real adult now?”, “Have you had a baby?”, “How did you grow your hair?” and some quite judgemental comments…”Why can’t you speak any more languages yet?”, “You look older”, “I think you had these clothes in year 2” -which I did to be fair because I’m frugal and I like to get the most out of my clothes. One of the children who will not be named told me they’d “sort it” if I wanted to come back. 

It was so great to see them and I feel like I’ll always feel at home in that school. I got to see the new and improved gardening area that I started and then abandoned (Sorry Mr Ellis) and the same children are still in that club as they were three years ago, so that’s just lovely. 

In other news I’ve eaten my weight in food this week, started celebrating my birthday two weeks early, been to the Yorkshire coast and been to the spa for a massage. Not a bad brief flit to the UK. Cya in July guys. 

Next stop: Florence for more food! 🍕🍕🍕

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