Penang updates 

Thursday was the first real opportunity I had to explore Penang because I’d been so busy in school and apartment hunting the past few days. I now have an apartment which is clearly meant to be for me because it’s on floor 23. Here is a link to the apartment building for the wow factor…

I’m really not cool enough for this apartment. I now have a brand new 3 bedroom apartment with a view of the jungle. I might get an aquarium because it’s that kind of an apartment, or more realistically adopt several street cats within the first few weeks.

George Town

George Town is diverse and celebrates Indian, Chinese and Malaysian cultures. It’s a UNISECO site and although it’s definitely touristy it is also a lot closer to what you’d consider to be “Asia” than other parts of the island- rickshaws, markets, food stalls etc. 

We went to George Town to see the street art after I did some scouting about on instagram hashtags. It’s far too hot to be lost in George Town and it’s very easy to become confused but we managed to find what we wanted to see with the help of (they should pay me to advertise it)

Obviously I took advantage of the photo opportunity.

There’s so much to explore in George Town but it’s kind of overwhelming because of how much is going on on the streets and because of the heat. If you want a great cake selection go to China House and enjoy trying to make a decision but don’t expect good customer service. I got so hangry after about 20 minutes I banged on the table (partly as a joke and partly out of real angst) and this was the only way we got served. Penang works on it’s own time.


In the evening we went to Long Beach Hawker Market for food. Everyone has been raving to me about this place. It’s the best and I could go here every evening for food-maybe I will. You can get all the local cuisines and it’s very cheap. It’s about 50p-£2 for a meal. My favourite thing was the peanut satay sauce. My mouth is watering thinking about it, it’s definitely going to become a new craving. On Friday we went to Red Garden which is a Chinese food market and again it was all marvellous. 

Friday night I said goodbye to my new found life and had a cocktail at Bay View, which as the name implies is a bar with a view of the city. It’s fancy and expensive but the drinks went down nicely. Sadly we saw a girl in a really bad way throw up and get abandoned by her male companions and this ruined the vibe there. It was strange to see the reaction of the hotel staff to this situation- he was more concerned about losing our business and offered us a free round than he was concerned about the girl who couldn’t stand up. We weren’t very impressed and it does make you aware that it isn’t all high rise apartments and a cheap and sunny way of life for everyone.

Now I am back in Moscow, happy and excited about life’s decisions and very, very tired. Goodbye Penang until 9th August ☉🌴❤ I’m in love with the island already.

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